Archiv:Mai, 2013

Great weather 2.0 with Augmented Reality

I can’t remember a year with so many dark and rainy days almost into june. I don’t know how a blue sky looks like. We thought, we do something against this – and made the BlueSky2.0 – with Augmented Reality! Thanks to the free App...

Gutes Wetter 2.0 dank Augmented Reality

Ich kann mich an kein Jahr erinnern, dass bis fast in den Juni hinein soviele dunkle, verregnete Tage hatte. Ich weiß gar nicht mehr richtig, wie ein blauer Himmel aussieht. Dagegen muss man was unternehmen, haben wir uns gedacht und den Blauen Himmel 2.0 erschaffen...

Thinkingbox: exemplary campaign integrate packaging and augmented reality for Adidas

The agency thinkingbox created an exemplary campaign for the new Adidas Boost- technology, which is integrating (not only) product packaging and augmented reality.

Extraordinary business cards at Page Online

The magazine PageOnline again presents extraordinary business cards. This time our Treffpunkt Idee augmented reality business card was part of the game The link to the PageOnline article is very useful, even it is in german, but you will see beautiful business cards with great ideas. Inspiring! We are...